Cameroon Celebrity: Tenor

cameroon_lhv6oi • 9 months ago

Without any doubt Cameroon has got one of the Best artists on the African continent and we all know you all have been waiting to see Cameroon’s best artists of the year 2016, so it is just right that we give you proper statistics of  the people who have been topping the list/charts following their performances this year. Well, we bring to you today what you’ve been waiting for. NOTE: The criteria we used in this rating are as follows:

The total number of hit songs artists released from November 2015 to November 2016, please be aware we consider a hit song as a song with much downloads, with some quite popularity in the country, You Tube video views and more. We also used artists performance when it comes to huge events they performed at, shows, concerts, album release, and international tours, their award nominations and wins. This is arguably the most competitive list yet, particularly the Top 5. It really could’ve gone either way.

10. Tenor


Tenor is currently one of the most consistent rappers in Cameroon. He has been able to stick only to rap and   rapidly grown his fanbase at a very young age. At this rate, he will definitely be a huge asset to the Cameroonian music industry in a few years to come. He steamed up the atmosphere after the release of his single Do le Dab mid 2016, the reviews got him top play on most radio stations and tv. Do le Dab has been making rounds on almost every cameroonian dj’s playlist, the very catchy video directed by Nkeng stephens has been 1st for a long time on the country’s number one music channel Boom Tv. In 2016 Tenor has been very active, he also did a remix to Mink’s Le Gar est Laid , and called it La fille la est laid. His remix was loved due to the great humor he brings when spitting out punches.  Tenor is one of the best in 2016, with him we know the future is bright.

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