The names Salatiel and Daphne will certainly not be strange to the ears of every music lover in Africa at large.

Well known for her hit song Calee’ which placed her at the top of the pops, Daphne has certainly distinguished her self from every other female artist in Cameroon with her consistency in good song releases. Salatiel on the other hand besides being the Alpha Better Record Label boss, is an amazing singer and great producer.

After producing Daphne’s hit song Calee’, Salatiel and Daphne have been involved in more work over time as he produced Daphne’s single Jusqu’a la gare and it’s rumoured that Daphne will be taking part in Salatiel’s upcoming project.

For sometime now, rumours have circulated about the two being in a secret relationship and today, Salatiel took to Instagram to profesy his love for Daphne. He posted a photo and captioned it “Mon Babé pourquoi je t’iamme comme ça ”.

Salatiel who has 2 kids and now romantically involved with Daphne, have left fans speechless. See screen grab below…

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